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noble erickson: visual vocabulary

the interplay of individual bauhaus letterforms—the messengers of our studio ethos—establish the visual vocabulary of our story. Simple geometric forms with a surprise reveal our affinity for clean, focused, and engaging design.

The individual character of the “n” and “e” capture the nature of founders noble and erickson. The arch of the “n” connecting twin foundations of interpretive planning and design concisely represent jackie noble; the circular up-tilted “e” encompasses steven erickson as artist and marks his elevated reach as designer.

Composing a distinctive visual vocabulary to tell your story is the focus of Noble Erickson. Through the power of research, storytelling, and design, we explore the individual character of your story to create the messengers of your narrative.

As interpretive planners, experiential and graphic designers, we research to discover story, reveal meaning through story, and design to provoke participation. Smarter Than You Think, a traveling exhibit for the Denver Children's Museum on the five human intelligences—linguistic, spatial, musical, logical-mathematical, and bodily-kinesthetic—launched Noble Erickson in 1992. In creating interactive environments and graphics for the exhibit, we confirmed we are highly "spatial" and, surprisingly, linguistic.

We are adept at connecting people—community—to the meaning and significance of story through interpretive planning and writing, exhibit and graphic design, sign and wayfinding design.