Camp Hale and Eagle River Headwaters Interpretive Plan:
Experiencing the 10th Mountain Division Landscape and Legacy

During a time of world war, Colorado’s Eagle River was channeled to create a base camp for training a mountain fighting force

Today, the Eagle River is slated to be “unchanneled” in an effort to restore its meandering course and re-establish the valley‘s riparian habitat—while retaining the remaining structures of Camp Hale.

The stories of the individual soldiers of the 10th Mountain—their sacrifices and contributions are still tangible in the landscape—and relevant to today’s recreational and cultural heritage visitors.

As part of the interpretive plan, a series of iconic structures and sculptures were conceptually designed to create experience zones within Camp Hale. Corten steel, Roman numeral “ten” structures, steel truss bridge design elements, and crossed ski poles with skis form the visual language of these participatory zones.

Client: National Forest Foundation, 10th Mountain
             Division Foundation
Team: Noble Erickson: Interpretive Planning and
            Experiential Design
            Root House Studio: Interpretive support


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