California Trail Interpretive Center Interpretive Plan: Continuing the Journey

focused interpretation delivers strategies to re-engage partners, re-energize the visitor experience, and sustain the relevance of the California Trail Interpretive Center—now and into the future—

From 1841 to 1869, emigrants on their way to California trudged along the Humboldt River in the Great Basin of Nevada. Their individual journeys transformed not only their lives, but the course of America. The California Trail Interpretive Center gives voice to this emigrant experience and preserves their stories, which are still written in the landscape of the Great Basin.

In 2014, the BLM, which has managed the Center since 2002, embarked on a journey of their own to update their interpretive plan. The new Interpretive Plan— Continuing the Journey focuses on identifying new audiences, themes, and storylines to engage multi-generational visitors.


ClientBLM and Southern Nevada Conservancy
Team–Noble Erickson: Interpretive Planning