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Jackie Noble, President

Jackie's passion for merging interpretive planning and design, is at the heart of her ability to generate thought-provoking visual metaphors, learning environments, and narratives. Her work is informed by twenty-four years of research, storytelling, and design—skills rooted in her prior teaching and exhibit design experiences: Teaching art to middle school students, she learned to synthesize complex ideas into teachable concepts; as an exhibit designer, she became adept at creating participatory learning environments. As an interpretive planner, she is focused on exploring a community’s story and engaging diverse stakeholders in championing their community’s resources.

Community involvement is paramount to her design ethos. She is a Board Trustee for Historic Denver, Inc. and sits on the Board of the newly formed Golden Triangle Partnership (working with Denver Arts and Venues to bring one voice to the Golden Triangle cultural organizations and neighborhood) contributed to the Golden Triangle being certified as a Colorado Creative District in 2016.

BFA: Colorado State University
Certified Interpretive Planner, (CIP): National Association for Interpretation, 2010


Steven Erickson, Vice President

First and foremost, Steven is an artist. All of his creative endeavors from graphic design and illustration to experiential and wayfinding design are approached through the lens of a working artist. Art is a way of life for him. He is constantly aware of and constantly evaluating any environment he finds himself in—what is its composition?, what flows?, what would make it sing? This facileness of assessing space and design derives from the culmination of life experiences in creative thinking: his training in art and sculpture; his former role as artist/educator and Chairman of the Fine and Performing Arts Department at Kent Denver; as an artist participating regionally and nationally in numerous invitational group and one-man shows, and later, expanding his reach into the design world as a studio principal and two- and three-dimensional designer with nationally recognized firms in Denver, Boulder, and Seattle before returning to Denver to bring his art and design to the Noble Erickson (NE) studio. At NE, “artist” is used as an adjective before all his roles: Artist/designer, artist/founder, artist/businessman.

BFA / MFA: University of Denver